Who We Are :

BancAnalytics was founded in 1995 by experienced banking executives and business professionals with a mission of improving data collection and analytical systems to help financial institutions make more timely and impactful decisions.

What We Do :

BancAnalytics offers deposit rate intelligence reports that provide users with timely, accurate data on competitor rates and how their financial institution’s rates compare to the market. We offer broad market analyses by metropolitan area and encourage our clients to take time to consider who they are truly competing with in that area and beyond. If clients decide they want a more narrow focus, we can tailor affordable, customized solutions to meet their needs. Learn more about Intelli-Rate formerly known as Money Monitor in the product details section.

What Sets Us Apart :

There are other companies that provide data collection and some that provide templates for completing data analysis tasks. What sets BancAnalytics apart is the experience we bring as financial institution executives and business leaders. Our approach to data collection is to make sure the data is accurate, comprehensive, timely, and relevant to our clients’ needs. Our approach to data analysis is unique in that we employ proprietary methods along with presentation techniques that allow users to quickly drill down and identify opportunities as well as potential areas of concern. This process often leads users to ascertain ways to improve operating performance.

Product Details

Report Features

  • Annual Percentage Yield (APY) Rankings Report:
    • Institutions are ranked high to low for each product surveyed. Changes from previous week to current APY are indicated.
    • Market highs, lows, mean, median, and mode are summarized for each of the products surveyed.
    • Ability to highlight selected institutions, filter by institution type, and generate a PDF to present to the Management Team and Board Members.
  • Special Promotions:
    • Products requiring higher deposit amounts or other relationships are ranked high to low by APY.
  • Summary Report:
    • Determine how your institution or your competitors rank across all products in one easy to read summary.
    • Highlight selected institutions and/or filter by institution type.
  • Allow multiple members of your Management Team access through the “Manage Users” tab.

Peer Group Averages & Graphs

  • Enables financial institutions to compare their own rates with those of similar institutions within the same market. This benchmarking helps institutions gauge their competitiveness and performance relative to their peers.
  • The Dashboard contains full-color graphs enhances the visual representation of data, making it easier for clients to identify trends and patterns at a glance.

Product Details Summary:

  • Weekly, personal deposit yield report
    • Savings, Money Market, CDs, Promotions
  • Rankings of institutions
  • Changes and statistics calculated
  • Full-color graphs
  • Comprehensive metropolitan areas or customized for your market
  • Reliable and affordable